Assignment 2

This assignment is due by the next learning session on Friday, June 15, 2012. Please complete the programs on, and send me the links to your programs via email at

Program A3:
Implement a program that counts the number of all natural numbers up to 10000 (including 10000) that are divisible by at least one of the following three numbers: 5, 8, and 12. For example, numbers 25, 75 and 130 are counted, because they are divisible by 5. Similarly, 16, 32 and 40 are counted because they are divisible by 8. In the end, the program should print out the number of all such natural numbers.

Program A4:
Modify the program A3 to print out also the sum of all the numbers that were counted in the previous problem A3. Therefore, the two outputs should be: (1) the number of all natural numbers up to 10000 divisible by any of 5, 8 and 12, and (2) their sum.

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