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STARS article on UMSL Daily

UMSL Daily recently published an article STARS program caps another successful year summarizing the STARS program this year.

STARS-2012: Final presentation and final reports

The slides of the final presentation of my students in STARS-2012 program can be accessed below. Unfortunately, the animated GIFs in the simulations do now show properly through the slideshare, so to get the full experience, I’d suggest to download the actual powerpoint file (available on slideshare).

The final reports of Yoni and David can be downloaded below:

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate my students, they both have done an excellent job. With no prior background in programming, in only about 6 weeks they managed to learn to program in C++, study the background on cellular automata, produce all of the results, and prepare a great presentation and final reports with only little help on my side. I’m happy I participated in the Students and Teachers As Research Scientists (STARS) program, working with high school students was inspiring and a lot of fun.

Attending presentation sessions of STARS-2012

I’m just attending the presentation sessions of STARS-2012, waiting for the presentation of my students on the game of life and its variants, which looks at population dynamics of various rule sets for Conway’s game of life. I will put online the presentation slides and hopefully also the corresponding papers shortly.

Finishing up the projects, preparing presentations

The projects are getting close to the completion. Looking forward to put the final reports and presentation slides here.