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STARS article on UMSL Daily

UMSL Daily recently published an article STARS program caps another successful year summarizing the STARS program this year.

Added calendar of events

To keep track of our meetings, I created a Google Calendar for the events that involve me (for other STARS events, see the official STARS-2012 schedule). I’ve put the calendar also on this blog. The calendar can be accessed by following the link calendar of events on the right-hand side of this blog (under Pages).

First step: Create an account on

We will complete all or most of the programming projects as well as simple demo programs using an online tool that allows one to execute, store, and share programs. This should make the communication between us much more efficient.

Please, go to the following site and register an account on it, so that you can use the site for your own code. As the primary language, we will use C++ (so you can choose C++ as the default language to work with):

We will use to work with programs used by me to teach you main concepts, as well as by you to solve home assignments. The site makes it quite easy to edit the code, run it, and share it. Code can also be assigned to one or more categories, and cloned to create more complex projects in future starting from a previous project.

Welcome to STARS at MEDAL

STARS at MEDAL blog is dedicated to the STARS project at the Missouri Estimation of Distribution Algorithms Laboratory (MEDAL) at the University of Missouri. We will use this blog to post important links throughout the project and keep track of what has been covered, and is required for successful completion of this program.